Garden salad
tomatoes, roasted peppers and eggplant, with chick-peas, crushed white cheese and pesto

400gr - 7.50lv
Greek salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, red onion, olives and marinated white cheese

350gr - 7.80lv
Caesar salad
iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, chicken fillet and anchovy, all strewn with parmigiano, dressing, croutons and olives

350gr - 11.80lv
Spinach salad
fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes and iceberg lettuce, with avocado and quinoa, seasoned with honey dressing

300gr - 8.90lv
Tomatoes with buffalo cheese
peeled tomatoes with mozzarella, basil and olive oil

300gr - 7.80lv
Goat cheese salad
baked \"Ribler\" goat cheese, on iceberg lettuce, with walnuts and croutons, seasoned with dressing and honey

350gr - 10.80lv
Karakatchanska” salad
tomatoes, roasted peppers, white cheese, egg, fenugreek

300gr - 6.90lv
Shopska salad
tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, white cheese

300gr - 5.90lv
Combined plateau of starters
snejanka, savoury appetizer, garlic caviar, eggplant caviar

500gr - 16.50lv