Piquant appetizer
finely cut tomatoes and hot pepper, with garlic and cream cheese

150gr - 5.20lv
Appetizer rustic style
chick-peas, roasted pepper and white cheese, with garlic, olive oil and spices

150gr - 5.30lv
strained yoghurt with finely cut cucumbers

150gr - 4.90lv
Fish appetizer
smoked mackerel with mayonnaise, onion and lemon, with toasted bread

150gr - 6.50lv
Milk appetizer
strained yoghurt, roasted pepper and white cow cheese with egg, fresh onion, garlic/

150gr - 5.90lv
Plate of appetizers
Snejanka, savoury appetizer, milk appetizer, fish appetizer, appetizer rustic style

500gr - 16.50lv